"Or, we could sell everything and go to IKEA..."

When David first interviewed for the job he discussed various relocation options.  This is the one chosen. 

We had a big 'indoor garage sale' in New Hamsphire in January where we 'sold everything', cars, televisions, stamping sets and a rabbit.  Anyone who has seen New Hampshire in January knows it is not garage sale weather, but New Hampshirites are hardy people and will forge 3 foot snow drifts to get a bargin.

So with no shipping container, we were limited to what we could carry on the airplane, or eight (8) suitcases (2 per person).  Now imagine you are moving to another country, and a house with NOTHING (no curtains, light fixtures or even a kitchen), and you can only bring two suit cases.  Oh, and did I mention EVERYTHING you buy in the new country is really expensive?  So, what do you bring in your two suitcases?  Good or bad, here is what we brought:

  • Polo clothing
  • Pampered Chef cutlery (try getting that past security)
  • Lego Mindstorms (www.legomindstorms.com)
  • Playmobil (www.playmobil.de)
  • A small model of the Disney Magic (thanks Erik & Jason)
  • $5000

So, here we are after driving from Northfield to Boston (thanks Melissa), flying from Boston to Dublin (no thanks to a plane full of hormone crazed Irish kids) and Dublin to Frankfurt.  Now we must cram our tired selves and 8 bags into a rental car (rember all the cars in Europe are small).  It was too ugly for picutres.  Once in the car, we have to find our appartment in the Markt Platz in Weinheim, and carry those darn 8 suitcases up 3 flights of stairs.  Welcome home.

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