Everyone knows sausage is wonderful (just ask Marika), but why name a website after it?  Especially considering Hadley is a chickaterian!


If one says in German: 'das ist mir Wurst' (with the best German accent you can muster, if you don't have a German accent, say it while yelling and it will sound German..)

it translates literally to 'this is to me a sausage', but actually means 'I don't give a darn'


What a wunderbar language.

Why is Hadley smiling considering that is a Pepsi she is drinking? 

So, please don't misunderstand our comments on the following pages.  We love Germany, Germans (some more than others), and the German language (okay, not really).  But, this place is strange.  It is almost like a foreign country! 

This website hopes to:

  • Document our experience
  • Enable our friends and family around the globe keep track of us
  • Make you want to pony up the $1.35 per Euro to come visit
  • Cause you to laugh out loud

Everytime we tell someone of our experience (like ordering a chili cheese burger) they laugh and demand that we write a book.  The book is probably not going to happen, so here you go. 

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