German things we miss while in America:


 good beer

good wine

great chocolate

 good coffee

VW Passat's with Turbo Diesels

 German windows with oladen

 keep right except to pass

 polka music

 late night television

 Milka bars

 800 year old castles (we live an easy bike ride from 3 different castles!)

 spelling Lufthansa

 the letter ß


 Coke made with suger (not corn syrup)

 city bicycles

 enviromental awareness

changing countries in a couple hours

Fantastic public transportation

German medical insurance and mecical care (and German pharmicists too!)

American things we miss while in Germany:

Only one way to say 'the' (not 16)

Buffalo chicken sandwhiches (or ANY chicken sandwhiches)

Margaritas (and other Mexican food)

  hot tubs

 ice cubes

 stores open on Sunday

 rectangular pillows

SOFT sofas and beds

 French Vanilla coffee creamer

 100% Agave Tequilla


 ice cubes (yes, again, how cold water is such a hot commodity I will never know)

 25 cubic foot refrigerators


 knowing the language

 Taco Bell

Free drink refills and as much ketchup as you want with your fries

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